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Our operating philosophy is unique for a consulting company. As each situation is unique, we have no commitment to one "answer." We don't generate volumes of business analyses that just sit on your bookcases gathering dust. And we don't send in the big guns for business development meetings and then send in junior staff to do the work.

Strategy + Execution

Roffe & Green fills the gap between the small consulting companies with lots of execution but little strategy and the large consulting companies that bring lots of strategy but don't necessarily understand operations and practical execution. Both Ken Roffe and Leslie Green have served as CEOs and in other senior operating posts for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. We understand that strategy and execution have to go hand-in-hand.

And our experience is broad: both B2C and B2B industries with a focus on business services, consumer products and services, healthcare, hospitality and retail. Operating domestically and internationally (Japan, China, S. Korea, Latin America and the E.U.).

No Junior Staff

One of the things clients find most intriguing about Roffe & Green is that they always work with either, or both, of the principals. Our company was designed to have Ken and Leslie do all of the homework, research, problem-resolution, strategic and action plan design and marketplace implementation. No bait-and-switch, with juniors doing the real work. So we will know your business inside-out in a short period of time. And we have been told time-and-time-again that we see opportunities others just don't, because we are fully immersed in your business.

Results, Not Just Advice

No big consulting leave-behinds instead of results. Our level of hands-on involvement with each client entirely depends upon their needs. Sure, we start with a diagnosis of the issues being faced and very quickly develop a plan to address those issues. But then we stay and help implement the needed changes. Working within your corporation with your team until our recommendations are up, running and profitable. Or we can assume an interim management role, with ultimate P&L responsibility, until you are ready to provide someone to fill that role.

Extensive Track Record

The two principals of Roffe & Green, Inc. have a combined 50+ year successful track record developing and implementing solutions to chronic marketing and growth issues for small, large, turn-around and start-up companies. And helping companies finally get to capitalize on those opportunities that have been facing them for too long. Probably like those you face.

We would love to speak to you about bringing that experience to bear on your problems and opportunities. No bells and whistles. Just talk, about your business. Just take the first step.

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